With a keen and modern eye at the current productions of the audiovisual business, we can produce and deliver a professional material with agility, working with the client to achieve goals and expectations.


Beats and harmony productions for hip-hop/electro/rock/jazzy artists.
What is your style?
Bring your ideas and references and let’s gets started!


You already have your style, brand, music, MESSAGE. Our job is to give LIFE to your IDEA, capturing your ESSENCE to maintain your personality in the development of the work.

Audiovisual productions (corporate/short movies/music videos)

Here is a place to see far, to visualize the dream. Think beyond.

Lust of the Mind

Vídeo produzido para artista Autorall.
Direção, design, concepção, edição de video.
Composição musical, edição e mixagem de áudio.

Universo Não Binário – Autorall

Vídeo produzido para artista Autorall.
Direção de arte, design, concepção, edição de video.
Composição musical, edição e mixagem de áudio.

Music Production

Here at Digirock we love electronica-fusion and yes: we speak YOUR language - bring it to us, either is rap, rock, funk,'s your call!


The Autorall project promotes an authentic fusion of rock with electronica, mixing elements from the 90s and 2000s with personality, groove and heavy synthesizers.


Composition, mixing / editing of soundtracks for Iredescent, a Los Angeles / California-based NGO whose mission is to empower underprivileged youth, especially girls, through engineering and technology to become innovators and leaders.

Music Production

Music production for Maracatronix, a project that mix sounds created in the mangroves of Pernambuco(Norhteast Brazil) and German synthesizers. Crazy stuff!


Inspiration + perspiration: the fateful and timeless formula to graphically express your ideal, your business, your life!